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About Alexa Rank Checker Free SEO Tool

What Is Alexa Rank for a Domain / Website ?  

Alexa rank is a global ranking system that ranks millions of websites in order of popularity. It’s calculated by looking at the estimated average daily unique visitors and number of pageviews for a given the site over the past 3 months.

The lower your Alexa rank, the more popular the website is. 


What does Alexa ranking mean?

Definition: Alexa Rank is a third party marketing tool that estimates website traffic. Alexa rankings are a composite between how many people are estimated to have visited the site and how many pages have been viewed. Alexa Rankings are most accurate for websites with an Alexa Rank between 1 and 100,000.


How can I see my Alexa ranking?
Find the Alexa Rank of Your Website 

Our free Alexa Rank Checker is a fast way to find out the Alexa rank of your own website or any other site.

Simply enter the URL (domain name) you wish to check, whether it's your own site or other sites in your business's niche.

Then click on " SUBMIT " Button. 

You will see your Website's Alexa Rank. 

Sample result as below : 

Alexa Rank Checker

How popular is YOUR-DOMAIN-NAME ?


# Stats
Global Rank 545
Popularity at Name of the Country
Regional Rank Rank in the Region
Backlinks Number of Backlinks for your website / domain


How important is Alexa rank?

Alexa rank is important in the sense that it provides you high-level data with how traffic and engagement fare. This data allows you to get a better understanding of your site and a general idea of what to work on to improve your 'popularity.

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