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How does the link price calculator work?

Do you need to know the value of a link to your website? This is where a link price calculator is needed, and has a very good calculator. Enter the URL of the website to check. Calculate the link price and display it in US dollars. The price displayed is monthly and not daily.



All link price calculators available on the Internet make calculations based on website popularity and traffic. The higher the rank of the website, the higher the link price.

Obtaining this price improves your bargaining position with site owners who want to buy or sell links. In addition, care must be taken when negotiating the sale of links. You agree to sell the link for one year. After a few months, you can see that the price of the link has increased significantly.

Link prices continue to change as traffic to your website increases. The more expensive the traffic, the more popular it becomes and the higher the price of the link. As traffic decreases, so do the price of the link.