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About RGB to Hex SEO Tool


 Convert RGB color codes to HEX HTML format for use in web design and CSS. Also converts RGBA to HEX.


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How to convert HEX to RGB

Please enter the hexadecimal color code in the text box.
Enter the hexadecimal code

The entered hexadecimal color is automatically converted to RGB and displayed on the screen.
Enter the RGB values

How to convert RGB to HEX

Please enter the RGB in the text box.
Enter the RGB values

The entered RGB is automatically converted to hexadecimal color code and displayed on the screen.
Enter the hexadecimal code

What is hexadecimal color code?

When specifying color in HTML or CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), a method of expressing colors with six hexadecimal digits beginning with # is used.


This is a concatenation of each parameter of the RGB format, which expresses colors with the three elements of red, green, and blue, by converting them into 2 digit hexadecimal numbers.
For #FF8822, FF represents the red, 88 represents the green, and 22 represents the blue.
Hexadecimal Decimal
FF 255
88 136
22 34
#FF8822 rgb(255,136,34)

Basic colors

  Color name Hexadecimal color code RGB
  black #000000 0,0,0
  silver #C0C0C0 192,192,192
  gray #808080 128,128,128
  white #FFFFFF 255,255,255
  maroon #800000 128,0,0
  red #FF0000 255,0,0
  purple #800080 128,0,128
  fuchsia #FF00FF 255,0,255
  green #008000 0,128,0
  lime #00FF00 0,255,0
  olive #808000 128,128,0
  yellow #FFFF00 255,255,0
  navy #000080 0,0,128
  blue #0000FF 0,0,255
  teal #008080 0,128,128
  aqua #00FFFF 0,255,255

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