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How to use Screen Resolution Simulator?

The usage of Screen Resolution Simulator is very simple for a webpage to test, We must only copy our desired URL, and paste in the space “Enter a URL” , select the screen size below and and press check button. And a popup window will be opened to view if you webpage is looking fine for you, and your visitors.

You must try to view each layout to test your whole webpage view, its images size, font size and if any other object you have entered in your webpage.  

Why to test your pages for Screen resolution check?

You have a good chance to test your all pages for the responsiveness of your layout with this free tool. You can test all this tool on all kind of devices for mobile, pc, tablets. This tools is self explanatory and does not require any technical skill to test for online Screen Resolution Simulator. Simply add your page for test, select the device size, and press check, and you will see the results on another screen at the same time. The tools is very usefull for devices that have much different sizes that are not routinely use in our daily life.