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Keyword CPC Calculator

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Di Keyword CPC Calculator

  • Determine the total cost of your clicks

    Calculate how much you spent on all ad clicks on the ad that you're calculating for. That means if your ad got two clicks and one of your ad clicks was $0.25 and the other was $0.20, you'd input $0.45 as your total cost in our CPC calculator.

  • 2

    Determine how many clicks your ad received

    How many clicks did your ad receive? If we use the example above, you'd input 2 in the "clicks" field of our CPC calculator.

  • 3

    Use your new-found CPC metric to improve your campaigns!

    When you click "solve" on our CPC calculator, you'll get an immediate cost-per-click calculation that can help improve your campaigns moving forward!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is CPC?

CPC, also known as cost-per-click, is how much you’ll pay for each click in a PPC, or pay-per-click advertising campaign.

When you monitor your CPC, you’ll be able to keep your marketing budget on track since it helps you determine how much you’ll pay (on average) every time someone clicks on your ad.

You’ll be able to create a process for how many ads you can run at what cost per click to stick to your budget.

The CPC formula is below:



Why is it important to calculate the CPC?

You’ll be able to discover what you can accomplish with your budget if you use a CPC calculator.

A CPC calculator will assist you in determining the possibilities for your company to maximize its budget.

It allows you to see the range of your campaign and helps you set objectives.

A CPC calculator will assist you in determining the most effective keywords for your campaign.


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