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Über URL Rewriting Tool for Free

What does URL Rewrite do?

URL rewriting is used to manipulate URL paths before the request is handled by the Web server. The URL rewriting module does not know which handler will eventually process the rewritten URL. In addition, the actual request handler might not know that the URL has been rewritten.


How to use URL Rewrite from ?

Open the below link

Enter your Website's Dynamic URL

Then Click on " Submit " button.




This free seo tool online URL Rewriting Tool by Small SEO Tools is a super-efficient tool that quickly generates static URLs with just a single click. Simply copy the URL and paste into the box and submit. URL rewriter tool will instantly generate the result and provide you with a shorter and static URL.

We have developed this URL rewriting tool by online so that you can use to check and rewrite your website’s URLs. Please note that static URL is always better than a dynamic URL because static URLs can rank better in search engines like Google. While, dynamic links are indexed at a slower rate by search engines than static links.

This Free-SEOTool URL rewriting tool is very easy to use and can provide you with quick results. There is no need to download the software on your PC because this is an online tool that you can use anytime you like; this way you get to save memory space. Also, you don’t need to pay any amount to use this URL rewrite generator because this tool is completely free of cost.

There are three good reasons why you need to rewrite URLs. First, it helps with search engine optimization, because search engines prefer URLs that don’t include long query strings. Second, if you have friendly static URLs, you have a higher chance that your pages will have better ranking in search engines and would help attract more traffic as they look more user-friendly to many web visitors. And third, it makes your web pages load faster as compared to having dynamic URLs.  

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