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Geo IP locator tool allows you to Track IP address exact location and Identify the exact Geographical Location of an IP Address.


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rack IP Address Exact Location With GEO IP Locator

To find the exact location of the IP address, enter the IP address number in the space provided (just make sure you enter the right IP address) Then, click on the “Locate IP” button to process your request. The result will be shown to you in just a snap, and it will tell you the details as follows:

Geoplugin City
Geoplugin Region Geoplugin Country Name Geoplugin Continent Name




GEO Locate IP Applications

Geo locate IP Application can be used for designing your marketing strategy. Because once you know the area in which the majority is located, you can target them. Large organizations use this tool to design different marketing strategies for customers located in different geographical locations. For example, if an organization finds that a number of its customers are located in Mexico they may decide to change their product description to Spanish.


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