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Redirect Checker Tool

Our Free Redirect Checker Tool will help to find and diagnose linking problems within any website. Easy to use and important when it comes to SEO



Redirect checker tool allows you to get insight on URL redirect. Check if a requested URL is redirected and to analyze its redirect path. Get detail on the full redirect chain, analyze if a certain URL is redirected many times.



What Is A Redirect Chain? Fix-It Using URL Redirect Checker.

A redirect chain occurs when a URL is redirected many times to other URLs, for example, One page on your website is redirected to a 2nd page that is redirected to 3rd page on your website. Redirect chains make it hard for Google to crawl pages with chain redirect. You always need to check your redirects, it often happens on your website and you have no idea about them. Some of the bad effects of redirect chains on your website SEO.

  • Chain create crawling issues for search engine
  • They’ll increase your website loading time, and add delays to the page load on each redirect.
  • You will lose Backlink juice

If you are familiar with SEO, then you might also know that not all redirects result in betterment. Some of them can be risky and can damage the SEO of a website. That makes it essential to know about the redirects associated with your website. You can use SST’s URL redirect checker!


What is the Free Redirect Checker Tool?

The Free Redirect Checker Tool is a valuable resource for gaining comprehensive insights into URL redirection. This tool enables users to ascertain whether a requested URL undergoes redirection and offers an in-depth analysis of its redirect path. By utilizing this tool, you can acquire detailed information about the complete redirect chain, allowing you to assess if a specific URL undergoes multiple redirections. This resource is indispensable for those seeking to understand the intricate pathways URLs may take when redirecting, offering clarity and efficiency in the process.

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