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QR Code Decoder

Upload a picture with a QR code in it and this decoder will try to read it and show the decoded text contents.

Jobs in Kuwait - Classifieds in Q8 - CLICK HERE & VISIT

Acerca de QR Code Decoder

The QR Code Decoder tool!

How to Create a QR Code Free?

The steps shared below will enable users to create a QR code with this free QR maker:

  • Choose the input type from the menu (SMS, VCard, Text, URL, or Email).
  • Enter the text to encode into the QR code online. 
  • Set parameters and press the “Generate QR Code” button. 
  • Press the “Download QR code” button to save it.

QR Code Generator Helps To Create

QR generator by allows you to create static QR codes that will never expire. Get complete authority on created QR codes and use them forever without any restrictions. This QR code creator enables you to get QR codes of the following types: 

  • URL to QR Code

Our link to the QR code converter will help you create QR codes with any website URL. This feature enables you to add a campaign webpage with a discount coupon, An engaging online video, or a payment webpage to your QR code. 

  • (Vcard) Business Card QR Code

Try this free QR code generator to create Vcards (Virtual Contact Cards). Developing VCards allows people to share contact details on mobile phones. Now, with the QR generator free tool sharing contact details becomes very easy and simple.

  • Text to QR Code

Our advanced online QR code maker lets you easily display plain text, including words, numbers, and special characters. This is the most basic way to enable users to encode their text to a machine-readable QR code online. 

  • Email to QR Code

The assistance of our QR code generator free tool allows users to write an entire email contained within a QR Code easily. Making a QR code is beneficial for individuals or businesses who want to make it easier for their customers to contact them. 

  • SMS to QR Code

SMS is a term used for text messaging between mobile phones. Our web-based QR code generator online gives its users an opportunity to create QR codes with phone numbers and text messages. 

Benefits of Using Online QR Code Creator

With the advanced QR code maker the task of making a QR code becomes so easy for anyone. It saves individuals from conventional methods and provides reliable and quickest output. 

Here are a few major advantages of using a web-based QR generator online. 

  • Convenience

Are you searching for a fast and easy-to-follow method to generate QR codes? Try this web-based utility and create a QR code for your personal or professional use immediately. No intricate process is attached to creating QR codes using this facility. A few simple clicks on your device using this QR creator will allow you to generate a QR code. 

  • Cost-Effective

Save yourself from wasting a huge amount of money on hiring professionals or purchasing expensive tools to generate QR codes from text. This online QR code generator free tool offers a way to generate quick response codes without paying a penny. Also, no installation or download is required to use this tool.  

  •  Customization

Make QR codes according to your requirements with our QR code generator free tool without facing any hurdles. This cloud-based QR code maker offers its users an opportunity to easily customize their QR codes with a few notches on their screens. 

  • Save Time

The traditional ways to create a QR code usually require extensive time and effort from you. However, this free QR code generator saves you time and resources. It also supports you in making a QR code straightaway. No ambiguous or lengthy process is required to create codes with this tool.

  • Compatibility

No matter if you are using a smartphone, personal computer, or laptop, you can easily access this free tool from any device. Similarly, this tool is compatible with all operating systems giving you an opportunity to generate QR codes without installing any particular OS. However, a secure and uninterrupted internet connection is required to reach this free QR maker. 



Online QR Code decoder



This is a free service to read and decode QR Codes online. You can either select a picture that contains a QR Code, or take a photo of a QR Code with a camera. The decoder will try to read and display the data in the QR Code.

The decoding process of QR Codes is done in the local browser, and the QR Codes will not be uploaded to the network server, please feel free to use!


About QR Code Decoder


QR codes are a great way to share short bits of text or URLs with people. But what do you do if you see a QR code and don't have a scanner app on your phone?

Don't worry - there's a free online QR code decoder that will convert any QR code into plain text. Just click on "choose file" and select the qrcode image you want to decode.

The QR Code decoder will automatically extract the text from the QR code and display it in a box below the code. You can then copy and paste the text into whatever program you're using.

The QR Code decoder is simple to use and works with all major browsers. So next time you see a QR code, don't panic - just head to this tool and decode it!

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